Friday, July 29, 2016

3 Nephi 9:21 -- On The Bullet Train to Hell

"Behold, I have come unto the world to bring redemption unto the world, to save the world from sin."
3 Nephi 9:21

One of the things that we often gloss over in life is how much we rely on and need Jesus Christ in our lives.  We sometimes talk about it in an abstract way, but we don't often talk about it as though we can't live without him.  We don't often enjoy feeling dependent, but it is something to think about, because the truth is that, unlike any of our earthly relationships that we sometimes say "I can't live without you" about, with Christ it is actually true.

We don't see sin as the big deal that it is, perhaps because of Christ's atonement.  But if Christ weren't there, one sin and we're done.  We are unable to pay the price to get back to innocent ourselves, so sin would be a one-way ticket to Hell.  Even in reality, with Christ as our Savior, he is the only way off that bullet train.  Being saved from death happens automatically.  We all will be resurrected through Christ, which is an amazing gift in itself, and worthy of ceaseless thanks.  Being saved from sin requires some effort though.  Sin isn't something that we can just blow off and be free of.  It crawls in and embeds itself in us, and we have to do the work that it takes to remove it.  Christ is there to give us that chance to be clean again, and to help us overcome... but he can't do it for us.  We have to be willing, and diligent, and work to clean our souls to not only become free from sin, but honestly and sincerely never do it again, and never *want* to do it again.  We have to become better people, who wouldn't make that choice.  It's sometimes a long process, but with faith, and help from God, it is a reachable goal for all of us.

Today, let's take Christ's atonement seriously, and remember how much we need him in our lives.  As we do, let's first get off that bullet train to hell, and second, start cleaning up our lives, working towards the point where we learn not to buy another ticket.  Let's tell Christ how much we love and need him in our lives, and get his help in becoming heavenly people.

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