Friday, June 3, 2016

Proverbs 18:23 -- On Self vs Submissiveness

"The poor useth entreaties; but the rich answereth roughly."
Proverbs 18:23

I like this because it makes me think.  I think that some part of us likes the answer roughly side.  It makes us feel powerful and independent and in control, while using entreaties feels like desperation and loss of power and being in someone else's control.  Rich and poor here could be spiritual states as well as physical, monetary ones. ... And maybe right here is the whole idea that we've been trying to grasp about humility and meekness.

We want those powerful things because it comforts us and helps us to think that things are going to be okay.  In truth though, we're looking at everything backwards.  The more we try to be in control, the more clear it becomes that we aren't the right people for the job.  Our lives fall apart if we are focusing on self and on power instead of on others and on God.  It's that whole lose-yourself-to-find-yourself idea (Luke 9:24-25).  If we can step back and focus on context and interaction rather than on our own needs and wants, we get a much clearer picture of the world, including ourselves.

Today, let's be willing to let go of our roughness and tough exterior, and let's be willing to ask for what we want and need with humility and trust.  Let's be the humble people that help and ask and are kind rather than the people who pretend they can do it all and are rude and demanding.  Let's make the world better by never abusing our power and always being open to God's influence and the needs of others.

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