Wednesday, January 27, 2016

D&C 38:26 -- On Kindergarten Justice

"For what man among you having twelve sons, and is no respecter of them, and they serve him obediently, and he saith unto the one: Be thou clothed in robes and sit thou here; and to the other: Be thou clothed in rags and sit thou there—and looketh upon his sons and saith I am just?"
D&C 38:26

This analogy struck me today as I was reading... the thought of parents and children and giving one, in essence, everything and the other nothing.  It seems to me that we are a lot like the children in this scenario, only it isn't our father doing it to us.  We're doing it to each other.  We haven't learned to share.  We haven't learned to love each other.  We haven't learned to be happy for each other, or to take care of each another.  And by we, I don't just mean us and our earthly siblings... I mean US, you and I... spiritual siblings.  Children of God.
It's tragic in any family if covetousness, competition, pride, or envy blind us to each other and the good relationships and happiness that can be had... but isn't it so much worse when we're talking about God's family?  The next verse says "if ye are not one ye are not mine."  ... I don't even think that is a threat, like it might be if our earthly fathers were saying it.  I think it is a reminder; a fact.  If we can't learn to love and serve and give and be part of God's family, then we are making a choice to walk away from it... to disown ourselves.  God invites us to the family reunion, tells us how to get there, but we throw the map in the dirt and stomp on it instead.
Today, let's try to see the kindergarten-level ridiculousness of throwing tantrums when we don't get the best toys, or when someone else gets more attention.  Let's instead be childlike rather than childish.  Let's find joy in other people's happiness.  Let's help others find success.  Let's let go of our selfish pride, and find our unquenchable love.  Let's join with God and help him to love and serve and save his family, and our family, by making the world better and safer and more loving for everyone.

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