Saturday, December 26, 2015

3 Nephi 5:8 -- On Never-ending Truth and Opportunity

"And there had many things transpired which, in the eyes of some, would be great and marvelous; nevertheless, they cannot all be written in this book; yea, this book cannot contain even a hundredth part of what was done among so many people in the space of twenty and five years;"
3 Nephi 5:8

I like this verse because I think it shows how much there is that God wants to tell us... which is everything.  Of course, we can't handle everything at once, and we have to go a little slower and learn line upon line... but as we learn, there is always more.  We never get to the end (at least in this life) and say, okay, done.  I've learned it all. :)  Luckily we have an eternity for that.  Just like Mormon selected specific records to pass down to us, so we have to make decisions in our lives about priorities, and what to learn first.  As we do, hopefully we are putting God first and making the gospel a priority.  That's what you have to do when you have everything to learn... you prioritize, and tackle whatever part you can do for now.  I think that is what God was saying in Matthew 6:34: "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."  We do what we can, today, and make sure that we are putting God first, and take each day one at a time.
It would be impossible to read all of the good things that God has done in this world, even if they were all written and presented to us, because they keep happening, and God keeps having things to say, and he remains involved in our lives if we let him in.  So, let's keep learning, and never stop and assume we've mastered the gospel.  There is always more, more, more. :)  Let's notice and keep a journal of the great things that the Lord has done in our lives, and add our voices to the story.  And let's remember that God always has more to teach us.  Let's keep learning truth and taking the opportunity to improve.  Let's accept the fact that we can't know or do everything yet, and focus on the most important things.

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