Wednesday, September 23, 2015

D&C 82:18-19 -- On Using our Talents for the Good of All

"And all this for the benefit of the church of the living God, that every man may improve upon his talent, that every man may gain other talents, yea, even an hundred fold, to be cast into the Lord's storehouse, to become the common property of the whole church--
Every man seeking the interest of his neighbor, and doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God."
Doctrine and Covenants 82:18-19

I like the idea that our talents are common property, and should be used in the interest of our neighbors and the community.  That sounds very Zion. :)  That sounds like something we can think about... how to help others with our talents.  I am also kind of happy about the whole "hundred fold" talents that we can get.  I need to jump in and start working my way up. :)
I think that when we really do have an eye single to the glory of God, and we are putting him first, that everything else works so much better.  That's when we realize that we have other talents.  That's when we are open to the needs of others, and see how we can help.  Today, let's develop our talents, and use them to seek the interests of our neighbors. :)  Let's focus on God's will and be open to his influence and his love, so we can become more than we are, as individuals, and as a community and a world.

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