Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctrine and Covenants 121:36

"That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness."
Doctrine and Covenants 121:36

This is what makes the priesthood and all of God's powers truly great.  God's heavenly power can't be used for evil, because if you are evil or have evil intentions, you can't even get access.  The fact that there is such an incorruptible power can change the way that we imagine the world.  Our society and our world degrade so much when people try to exercise authority over each other... people become corrupt, and institutions or leaders become untrustworthy.  But if, in power struggles, there is always a superior power that can only be accessed through righteousness... through selflessness and incorruptibility, then hope is never lost.  The people who have gone over to the dark side are self-limiting, because they can never have the power that is inherent in the light.  And if we are tempted to use God's power for evil, then instead of harming others, we lose access to it, and hopefully start rethinking the whole evil plan. :)
Today, let's remember that God's power... the greatest of all power... is based on righteousness.  And as we are righteous, we'll also have more support from God, and more power to change our lives, and the lives of the people around us, for the better.


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