Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ether 6:3

"And thus the Lord caused stones to shine in darkness, to give light unto men, women, and children, that they might not cross the great waters in darkness."
Ether 6:3

In reading the story of the Brother of Jared this morning, I found myself floored all over again by this man's incredible faith. As a general summary, he asked God for light in the vessels they were going to cross the ocean with (which were closed with no windows), and God told him what wouldn't work (windows, fire) because of the nature of the journey, and then asked him to come up with an idea for having light in them. So the Brother of Jared made 16 small clear stones, and asked the Lord to touch the stones with his finger so that they would provide light. And the Lord did it. I wonder how often we take the same thought and the same dedication into solving the problems in our lives. They might seem impossible to resolve, because nothing in our experience works... could we, like the Brother of Jared, come up with something beyond our experience and trust God to make it work? As I was reading this I realized a little bit of what God asks when he tells us to come to him as a little child. I think in some measure we have to let go of so many of the limitations that we've learned in our lives, and consider more and greater possibilities, and stop accepting the impossibility of so many things. Sometimes impossible situations get resolved, and incurably sick people get well... miracles happen, and part of what it takes is us opening our minds and our hearts to a God who can do so much more than we understand. Today, let's try to approach problems, and God, with a more open mind, and remember that when God asks us to do things like build Zion, be perfect... or even fulfill our current calling or family obligation or employment requirement... that he provides a way for us to do as he asks. It might take some childlike, out-of-the-box, Brother of Jared thinking... and a lot of humility and faith... but nothing is impossible with God. Can we learn to see with new eyes today, and start working on a solution?

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