Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 Nephi 10:9-10

"And it came to pass that thus did the three days pass away. And it was in the morning, and the darkness dispersed from off the face of the land, and the earth did cease to tremble, and the rocks did cease to rend, and the dreadful groanings did cease, and all the tumultuous noises did pass away.
And the earth did cleave together again, that it stood; and the mourning, and the weeping, and the wailing of the people who were spared alive did cease; and their mourning was turned into joy, and their lamentations into the praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord Jesus Christ, their Redeemer."
3 Nephi 10:9-10

It’s always good to have a reminder that mourning *can* be turned into joy... that God is aware of us, and watches over his children. Bad things are happening, and unfortunately will continue to happen in this world... we live in the last days. Despite all this, peace and comfort can be found through Christ. God knows every hair of our heads, and he knows without question the content of our hearts. We are eternal beings, and whatever happens to us... hardship, pain, and even physical death... we will continue to exist, and our lives do, and will continue to, matter in the eternities. Through Christ, the darkness will disperse, the earthquakes will stop, and we’ll once again find solid footing… spiritually *and* physically. Sadness and pain can be turned into joy and peace, as we put our faith in Him.

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