Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1 John 2:3 -- On Knowledge and Obedience

"And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments."
1 John 2:3

This is cool... I think that it is interesting to think about this. If we really know God... then we'll know why he gives us commandments. We’ll know how much he loves us. We’ll know how much happier and better our lives will be if we follow his advice... and we will. I think we get it backwards sometimes and think that if God really loves us, he will accept us as we are, in our disobedient, rebellious state… and he does, as far as this life is concerned. He loves us, and guides us. But this life isn’t about God accepting us. It is about US accepting HIM… getting to know him on the deepest level, and understanding that he is teaching us to be so much better than we are. When we really know him and love him, we’ll want to participate in that improvement rather than rebelling against it. And we won’t truly know him and have his spirit fully with us until we can stand before him without any rebellion, and accept that he knows what is best for us much better than we do (that we’re basically blind compared to him), and start doing as he asks, because even though we can’t see it clearly, we know and trust God so much that we are absolutely convinced that his way is the best course, not only for ourselves, but for the whole world.

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