Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Mosiah 22:16

"And after they had pursued them two days, they could no longer follow their tracks; therefore they were lost in the wilderness."
Mosiah 22:16

This is a scripture about the Lamanites trying to catch up with some people who escaped from their slavery.  When I read it today though, I thought about how we leave the "straight and narrow" path sometimes to pursue some addiction that seems attractive to us, and we end up lost.  Not being able to find what we pursue (by their very nature, the addictions we leave the path for can never live up to what we dream of them), and not being able to find our way back with addiction filling our minds.  I imagine that it was somewhat the same with these Lamanites.  They had become used to living off of another group that they had enslaved, and they couldn't let go.

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