Saturday, April 12, 2003

Mosiah 29:38

"Therefore they relinquished their desires for a king, and became exceedingly anxious that every man should have an equal chance throughout all the land; yea, and every man expressed a willingness to answer for his own sins."
Mosiah 29:38

This is something that I don't think that we see every day... people expressing a willingness to answer for their own sins. :)  We're always trying to blame something or someone else.  The circumstances, the environment... nature... sometimes even God.  Really, though, we've been given an overwhelming gift in having a chance to answer for our own thoughts and actions.  Liberty, freedom... words that get a lot of press lately.  That is what God's plan is all about.  If we want the benefits of freedom, we also have to accept the responsibilities.  They go together.  If all I really learn in this life is how to play Tetris really, really well, I am going to have to explain that to God.  And when I am up there, do you think that he (or even I) will be inclined to listen to all my excuses about the Tetris-happy household I grew up in, or the Tetris-addict friends that I hung out with?  No.  He's going to ask me why I didn't learn something worthwhile, or at least capitalize on my Tetris-enhanced manipulative talent and become a bricklayer or *something.*  And that's good.  My parents and friends shouldn't be blamed for my Tetris addiction... or any other.  I'm free.  I can play Tetris OR write the Scripture of the Day.  I can play Tetris OR do some editing... etc.  We have a great gift living here on earth... our freedom to choose.  Today, let's choose wisely, and remember that the responsibility for our choices rests with each of us individually.  If bad things are influencing you, divorce yourself from that situation or environment... you can.  That's what freedom is about. :)

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