Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mosiah 12:1

"And it came to pass that after the space of two years that Abinadi came among them in disguise, that they knew him not, and began to prophesy among them, saying: Thus has the Lord commanded me, saying—Abinadi, go and prophesy unto this my people, for they have hardened their hearts against my words; they have repented not of their evil doings; therefore, I will visit them in my anger, yea, in my fierce anger will I visit them in their iniquities and abominations."
Mosiah 12:1

This is great.  Abinadi needs to go back and prophesy to the people, but the King had ordered his people to take/arrest him if they saw him.  So, he goes in disguise, so they don't know him on sight, but he uses his name in the prophecy. :)  The disguise got him in enough to listen, but he was still scrupulously honest. :)  Of course, the people don't like anyone telling them that they need to repent, and so they take him to the King anyway... saying, this guy is lying.  We're righteous, and we know the king is righteous, so let's lock him up. :)  And they do, and they eventually kill him... but not before he has the chance to convert one person, who sets in motion huge changes in their society.
I was thinking about the whole idea of if we do good to others it is like doing good to Christ, and if we don't, it is like not providing for Christ if he were in need, and I wonder if it is more than just in giving or providing for the needs of people.  I wonder if we listen when the prophet tells us something, it is like listening directly to God, and if we don't listen, it is like ignoring God.  Which then reminds me of the end of D&C 1:38: "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same."
And if these things are similar, then the disguise doesn't matter at all, right?  It didn't matter who was under there speaking the words of God... it is as though God himself were in disguise, talking to us and telling us to repent.  And even though hopefully we aren't going to burn the prophets to death, as they did to Abinadi, in a lot of ways we're in the same situation.  We've hardened our hearts and refused to repent... and yet we still think that things are peachy, and we don't want anyone telling us otherwise. :)
Today, let's listen to God when he talks to us, in whatever guise he appears.  If it is the scriptures, the conference talks, or some direct conversation through prayer... none of them much of a disguise at all, because we know that God speaks to us in all of these ways, and others.  And let's let go of our need to seem cool in front of others, and admit our faults.  Let's do as God asks and repent, and change, and make those adjustments in our lives, and soften our hearts... so God doesn't have to send someone to warn us anymore.  Maybe if we get through our thick shells and start learning the basics, we can eventually get to the cool things like walking on water 101. :)  I'm still taking kindness 101 and remedial humility of course, but I'm hoping to get there someday. :)  Let's listen. :)

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