Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jacob 6:12

"O be wise; what can I say more?"
Jacob 6:12

Sometimes you come across verses where so much is packed into one statement.  Things that the Savior said while on the earth are often like that.  There are books full of scriptures to read, but he just sums it up with one statement. :)  Here, it is similar.  Even though Jacob does go on explaining after this, I come away with the feeling that if we would just wake up and see things as they really are, we could extrapolate the rest.  And I think a lot of the gospel is like that... obvious, and logical... but we don't always see it clearly, so we need some extra instructions.  I think it would be awesome if we all could function with the short version.  The 10 commandments instead of the detailed process of living every day.  The "Love thy neighbor" and the "Do unto others" instead of us trying to justify how those don't apply to this or that person or in this or that circumstance.  Of course, we're still children in the gospel, and sometimes we need help learning to love, learning to be kind, and learning to just do the basics.  It's okay that we're not superheroes of the gospel yet... but today, let's try to lift ourselves a little higher anyway.  Let's work on being wise, making good choices, and listening to the spirit.  Definitely a good start. :)

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