Thursday, August 13, 2009

Words of Mormon 1:7

"And I do this for a wise purpose; for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will."
Words of Mormon 1:7

This is cool. It reminds me of Adam (Moses 5:6) when he was asked why he was offering sacrifices, and he said that he didn't know, except that God had told him to. The same thing is happening here with Mormon. He really has no idea why he including this particular selection of writings with his work, except that he knows God wants him to... and therefore, it is the wise thing to do. :) That is having faith like a child... trusting that what your dad says is absolutely right, even though you really don't understand the reasons. I think we could probably all use more of that. We get too cynical sometimes, and demand reasons for everything... when, with some things, there is just no way to know, or understand, until we have lived a little longer, and learned a little more. It is frequently that way with the challenges in my life... while they are happening I rarely understand, and almost never appreciate them... but afterwards, sometimes years afterward, I understand why I needed to go through whatever it was, and I see what it was preparing me for. I’m not saying that we can’t know or understand the gospel or the things that God asks us to do… in fact, most of the time I think that God’s work is a lot more comprehensible than we expect. God really does want us to understand. Just sometimes we aren’t ready yet, and we have a hard time seeing his perspective. In the end, even when we aren’t ready, it is important to remember that God knows what he is doing... I mean, he is God, after all. :) Today... let's work on that childlike trust, and remember that God is preparing us for great things, which really are there, even though we can’t currently see the future.

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