Friday, March 29, 2019

Enos 1:19 -- On Going About Among the People

"And now it came to pass that I, Enos, went about among the people of Nephi, prophesying of things to come, and testifying of the things which I had heard and seen."
Enos 1:19

I like this because it seems like another step in our progression in the gospel.  Enos starts out concerned for his own soul.  He works on that with God, and is forgiven.  He then prays for the Nephites, his people, and God answers him.  Then he prays for the Lamanites, their enemies, and again God answers him.  He then gets a little bit more specific, praying that their records will be preserved, because he knows that for their descendants to have a chance at the gospel, the records have to be protected.  God tells him that he will do that.  And that is where this verse comes in.

I think we follow a similar pattern in our spiritual progress.  We progress from being worried about our own guilt and pain to wanting to save everyone, then it might take a while to remember that everyone even means groups of people that we don't particularly like, and then we start getting into praying for individual things and events that can help, and then, like Enos, we talk with people individually and personally.  All of these things are good, of course, but I think of it as a progression because it seems like we get closer and closer to the core of the gospel... loving God and other people, and the idea that that personal connection is what usually makes a real difference.
I'm always amazed at the idea of God teaching us one on one, personally, and that he can be an individual instructor to us, even with billions of people on the earth and even more elsewhere.  General commandments are important, and the church needs to be organized so that it can accomplish great good... but so much of the focus of the gospel is on each of us individually making a difference, setting an example, doing good.  It takes each of us, and our individual relationships with the Lord, to build the kingdom.  It reminds me of what Moses said in Numbers 11:29: "would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!"  What a world that would be.

Today, let's work on being the best we can be individually, and develop that relationship with God that helps us become better.  And when we have a handle on that a little, let's move on and bless more lives, going out among the people and making a bigger difference.  God will give us opportunities if we ask for them, and every single one of us can have a testimony and change the world for God by doing good.

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