Monday, April 27, 2009

Daniel 3:9

"They spake and said to the king Nebuchadnezzar, O king, live forever."
Daniel 3:9

Isn't it interesting how many books and movies are based on the idea of immortality? Here in Nebuchadnezzar's court it was one of the respectful things you said to the king, because immortality was so highly valued as a concept. Today as well... I will spare you the list, but there are many, many books that toy with the subject, and almost as many movies. Several books that claim, whether accurately or inaccurately, to have hints about what is beyond the grave have been selling well for years. I think it is a human obsession. And the coolest part of it is that it is a reality. We are all immortal, eternal beings with similarly staggering potential. And unlike many of the books and movies, there is no price to pay for immortality. It is ours, and has been ours, always. Some part of us has always existed, and will always exist. Even if we turn out rotten, we still have our immortality. :) I think the challenge is to think like an immortal being. We have become acclimated to the temporary nature of the world we live in, and we have a hard time getting our minds to reach beyond the limited scope that we have been taught. The question is not where do we want to be a week from now, a month from now... a year, five years, ten years from now... it is where we want to be for all eternity. We *are* going to live forever... so what do we want to do with that? What choices should we make with that in mind? Where do we want to be for eternity? Who do we want to spend eternity with? Christ overcame physical death for us, so we'll even have our bodies back. I'm not sure if there are racquetball courts in heaven, but I hope there are. :) The intriguing thing is that Christ also overcame spiritual death, which is separation from God (since he is the source of life, being separated from him is like death. The closest analogy I can think of is breaking up with someone that you love more than breathing.). And because Christ overcame that death as well, we not only get to be immortal, but we also have the opportunity to return to God's presence, talk to him, and learn what it is like to be him. :) That's probably another human obsession. :) And, we can do all of it. I think that is amazing. Live forever. :)

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